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Scotts Major League Baseball ®   PITCH HIT & RUN ™ provides youngsters across the country an opportunity to participate in an exciting baseball/softball skills competition.  This national initiative gives boys and girls, ages 7 - 14, the chance to showcase their pitching, hitting and running abilities. There are two separate divisions of PITCH HIT & RUN:  baseball and softball. Participants may compete in either division.

Scotts Major League Baseball®  PITCH HIT & RUN™ is intended to encourage youth participation and emphasize the “FUN” element of baseball/softball. Since there is NO registration fee, everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Scotts Major League Baseball®   PITCH HIT & RUN™   tests three of the most fundamental aspects of baseball/softball - pitching, hitting and running.

PITCH: Participant is tested throwing strikes to a designated “Strike Zone” target. Any method of throwing is permitted.

HIT: Participant hits a ball off a stationary tee for distance and accuracy.

RUN:  Participant is timed, starting from second base, touching third then touching home plate.

All of the events are individually scored and converted to a total point score through the use of conversion tables.

Participants will compete in each of the three components of Scotts Major League Baseball®   PITCH HIT & RUN™ and accumulate a total score based on his/her performance.

This event has been canceled for 2020.

Must register online to be eligible to advance to sectionals.

Registrar online here