Course Care

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1. Remove any loose turf from the affected area.
2. Knock in all sides of the edge of the divot with your club or your shoe.
3. Tap down turf with shoe or golf club.
Divot Repair 1 Divot Repair 2

Ball Marks
1. Always start at the back of the mark and push forward with the repairer.
2. Use repairer around all sides and slowly ease turf toward the centre of the mark. Do not lift the soil upwards.
3. Lightly tap down with putter.
4. Your completed repair should look like the final photo below.
Ball Mark 1 Ball Mark 2 Ball Mark 3

Handling the Flag
1. Don't drop the flagstick on the putting surface as it will cause damage.
2. Always lower the flagstick by club or by hand.
3. Avoid damage to surrounds by placing the stick in the center of the cup.

Removing Ball
Players are requested NOT to use their putter to remove their golf ball from the hole.

Flag Removal 1 Flag Removal 2 Flag Removal 3