Recreational Rifle Opportunities

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Recreational Rifle Shooting

Centerfire Ranges Aerial View
Heartland Public Shooting Park offers five different ranges, with over 100 shooting positions, for recreational rifle shooting. Each range is fully baffled and bermed to prevent bullets from leaving the range.

Shooter at rifle rangeHPSP provides rifle shooters with the option of firing at targets set at distances of 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, 300 and 600 yards; as well as 100 meters. 

A Range Safety Officer (RSO) is on duty at the range during open hours. The RSO ensures safe operation of the range, orients even new shooters to our safety procedures and provides peace of mind for every shooter using the range.

100-Yard Multi-Purpose Range

100 Yard RangeThe 100-yard Multi-Purpose range features a covered shooting line, with 30 bench firing points and 15 standing firing points on this range. Individual rifle benches have adjustable seats that allow for both right and left handed shooters. This range has a maximum distance of 115 yards or 100 meters and can accommodate Rifle and Black Powder sports. We use moveable target stands that may be positioned at any distance on the range. Concrete sidewalks cross the range at 25 yard intervals, allowing target changes with mud-free footing.

200, 300, 600 Yard Range

The 200, 300, and 600 yard center fire ranges feature a total of 24 covered firing points, and are are protected by 60 foot long shooting tubes to eliminate any stray bullets from leaving the site.  The shooting positions are engineered to allow for no "blue sky" -- using a baffle and tube system for shooting under and through -- meaning a shooter cannot point their muzzle into an area of open sky. This ensures that no bullet will escape the grounds.

Long Range BenchEach of the benches for the 200, 300, and 600 yard ranges are constructed of heavy concrete and steel, making them extremely steady for the long range shooter.

The rifle ranges also have modern restrooms available, along with a classroom facility.