Recreational Handgun Opportunities

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Recreational Handgun Shooting

Heartland Public Shooting Park offers a dedicated 50-foot range for handgun shooting, featuring moveable target stands that can be set at typical tactical distances -- 7 yards to 50 feet. In addition to paper targets, the handgun range has two target stands with steel knockdown targets that can be reset from the firing line.

Like all ranges at HPSP, the handgun range is designed to ensure that every bullet is contained in the range using a combination of dirt berms and wooden baffles. It is also manned by a Range Safety Officer (RSO), ensuring that proper safety procedures are followed by all shooters.

The handgun range is lighted for night-time shooting, and like the 100-yard Multi-Purpose Range, is open year-around. The firing line and benches are fully covered to protect shooters from rain.

Modern restrooms and a classroom facility is accessible to handgun shooters.