Practice Range

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Archery ButtsOur practice range is open during regular park hours and allows the archer to practice for hours without interruption. 

 Our Practice Range Archery Butts were donated by Pacific Archery.    These butts are of a special design.  This special target design stops your arrows with friction, not blunt force which can cause unnecessary strain and possible damage to your arrow shafts! 

Today's bow and arrow combinations unleash very high kinetic energy and consistent grouped arrowing.  Combine that with High usage as most public archery ranges have and typical backstop systems made from excelsior, layered foam, layered board, bag type and other synthetics and can't hold up leading to excessive maintenance hours and expense.
Pacific Bow Butts withstands this repetitive punishment from this type of abuse reducing maintenance issues considerably. Constant man-hours and associated costs spent on maintenance is eliminated by as much as 75% when using these .

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