3-D Archery

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Our Archery 3-D Course is open April thru September during our regular park hours.  We are featuring 30 Rinehart 3-D targets including moose, bear, dinosaur, and many other top quality targets.  Cost is $15.00 for adults and $8.00 for youth. 


Heartland Public Shooting Park

3D Archery Range Rules

1. Only target tips are allowed on the 3D range. All other tips including broadheads are prohibited. Broadheads may be used in the broadhead sandpit only. Sandpit is located on practice range.

2. On 3-D course, be sure to stay on the marked path and travel only in the direction in which the targets are laid out while shooting is in progress. Going backwards on the trail or across an unmarked area could place you in the path of a flying arrow, resulting in serious injury.

3. Shoot a maximum of two arrows per target per archer.

4. Do not nock arrow until the shooting path is clear. Arrows should only be nocked on the shooting line and pointed in the direction of the targets.

5. Limit group size to no more than 5 archers.

6. No more than 5 people on a shooting platform at a time.

7. DO NOT shoot arrows while group or people are retrieving arrows in front of you.

8. If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, always leave your bow leaning against the target face so that it will be seen by other archers coming up. If possible, have one archer from your group stand in front of the target to prevent anyone from shooting. Spend no more than 5 minutes looking for arrows.

9. At practice ranges, the only safe place is behind the shooting line.
Never shoot an arrow until you are positive that no one is in front of you or behind the targets. Conversely, don't stand in front of a bow while it is being shot, even if you are to one side of the shooter.

10. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

11. No firearms, paint guns, or BB guns allowed for use on the archery ranges.

12. No sky drawing of bow. Be sure that your bow points generally toward the downrange target instead of the sky as you draw your bow.

13. Please pick up trash and leave the course better than you found it!

14. No crossbows allowed.

*Leave broadheads at home or in your vehicle unless using on the practice range and in the broadhead pit.. If broadheads are found in your possession while on the 3D range, you will be fined $100 and will be held responsible for any damages caused.