Competitive Range Rules

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Competitive Range Rules

  • When a designated Range Officer is present on the range, all firing will be under his/her supervision.
  • Eye and hearing protection is required for all shooters and spectators within 50 feet of the firing line.
  • All rifle and/or pistol actions MUST be opened, chambers empty, and an approved Yellow or Orange empty chamber indicator must be in the open action at ALL times when persons are downrange, or when so instructed by the Range Officer.  Rifles and/or pistols unattended behind the firing line MUST also have actions opened and an approved empty chamber indicator in the open action.
  • If a malfunction of a loaded rifle or pistol occurs:  Any attempts to clear the firearm MUST have the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. (Down range, directed to the impact areas and the ground). NO ONE is to go forward of the line while a firearm is being cleared. At the discretion of the Range Officer, a malfunction requiring disassembly of the rifle may require removal of the rifle from the range.
  • All rifle and pistol firing must be directed at paper targets fastened to the permanent backboards and clay targets that may be presented for zeroing.  All bullets must enter earthen backstops.  Firing at the wooden framework is expressly forbidden.
  • All persons NOT in the act of firing MUST remain behind the firing line.
  • When a shooter is downrange checking or setting targets, there will be NO handling of firearms, including cleaning, casing or uncasing.  Actions MUST be open.
  • NO Diagonal shooting (cross-firing) is permitted.
  • When finished, all targets are to be removed and placed in the proper receptacle.  Spent brass should be taken home or placed in the brass buckets provided.
  • NO FIREARMS loaded or unloaded are permitted downrange.
  • No one is to go forward of the firing line during actual firing.  Shooters must communicate cease-fires if both rifle and competition ranges are in use.
  • All other general range rules, including those prohibiting smoking, eating or having uncapped beverages, are in effect for competitions.