Clay Target Sports Safety Rules

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Shooting Range Safety Rules:
  • All range users and shooters are personally responsible for range safety and are expected to immediately correct any observed unsafe conditions.
  • Shooters and spectators assume responsibility for accident or injury.
  • Safety or prescription glasses and ear protection are required for all persons on all ranges at all times.
  • Observers are not permitted on skeet or trap ranges and must maintain a safe distance to the rear in sporting clays.
  • Children will be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • All guns must be open before leaving the shooting station and carried with the bolt or action open.
  • No gun shall be loaded until the shooter is on the shooting station. Loading is considered as putting a loaded shell in any part of the gun.
  • Guns must be pointed down range when being loaded or handled on a shooting station.
  • Loading more than two shells is not permitted.
  • One shell only must be loaded on Trap singles and Skeet station 8.
  • If a delay stops shooting procedure, shooter on station shall unload gun until time to resume shooting.
  • Any shooter whose gun accidentally discharges twice within one round for mechanical reasons shall be required to change guns, or if time permits, have his/her gun repaired, before continuing to shoot the round or subsequent rounds.
  • A shooter is not permitted to use a gun with a 'release type' trigger unless the referee and other members of the squad are notified. Extra caution must be exercised if the gun is given to a referee who is unfamiliar with its operation.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on all ranges and persons who have been consuming alcohol or are under the influence of of drugs are prohibited from shooting and/or handling a firearm.
  • Maximum shot sizes allowed with target loads only are: Sporting Clays and Trap: 7,8,8,9 Skeet: 8 & 9 (9 only on skeet range 9 & 10)
  • Shooters are responsible for repair or replacement of equipment damaged by them.