Nebraska Rimfire Challenge

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Youth Rimfire Program

Nebraska Rimfire Challenge

Bringing Youth To The Firing Line

 “To provide a safe, challenging rimfire program for Nebraska youth and to bring club teams together to practice, and compete in conference and state competitions”

What is the Nebraska Rimfire Challenge?

This is an effort designed to bring Nebraska’s Youth back to the shooting ranges to participate in a rimfire program that rewards the individual, as well as the team. Leading this effort are several Nebraska shooting ranges and representatives from 4-H, Boy Scouts, Friends of the NRA, and the Appleseed Program. This is a rimfire shooting sport that puts a young person on the firing line with their .22  rifle and lets them shoot a timed stage of fire consisting of various reactive targets. These may be knock over steel targets, static steel targets or various other types of reactive targets. You will never shoot exactly the same stages twice. Exciting…YES! Simple…YES! Geared for success…YES!

Who can shoot?

Boys and Girls, ages 10 thru 18 including groups such as 4H, Boy Scouts, and other Boys/Girls clubs and organization. You can form teams with as many squads of three as you need. Don’t have enough shooters for a squad of three, then shoot as individuals. Both squad and individual awards will be awarded at all conference and state shoots.

Where can we shoot?

You may compete in any monthly Action Rimfire Match held at Heartland Public Shooting Park.

When will these shoots take place?

They take place each month from April - October.  The state championship will take place in September of each year.

What will we shoot?

In keeping with the spirit of the Ruger Program, courses of fire may be different at each event and range. Various targets will be used with the focus on reactive types. These may include steel, clays, charcoal, balloons, or any other target deemed safe to shoot. Distances and size of targets will be developed with the idea of keeping youth shooters challenged but successful. All targets must be “hit/no hit” type targets without accuracy requirements, i.e.: no high or low score areas.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Rifles may hold a maximum of 10 rounds. Rifles may be of any action type.

Scopes/red dots and iron (open) sights may be of any make. “AR” type rimfires are welcome.   It is the opinion of our group that Custom rifles will offer no advantage at most competitions since targets may be up to 10 inches or more in diameter and have no scoring circles. This will be a “timed” event, giving repeating firearms an advantage but you will compete only against other rifles of the same action type.

How many “Classes” will there be?

There will be 3 classes:

Open (Any Action Type with an Optic)

Semi Auto Iron ( Semi- Auto Rifle with iron sights only).

Rifle Manual Action Iron ( Manually Operated Action Rifle with iron sights only. Includes bolt, pump and lever actions).

Classes will be separated into Junior Division (10-14) and Senior Division (15-18).

All shooters will compete only against those in their class and age division. Ammo will be restricted to .22 rimfire in Long Rifle.

How do I find out more information?

Contact Bill Starkey at or call the park at 308-385-5048 .