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Multigun or 3 Gun is an exciting action shooting competition.  Fashioned after USPSA Handgun and SASS "Cowboy Action" shoots, Multigun combines the use of a rifle, shotgun and handgun using modern firearms.  Multigun shoots may require the use of one, 2 or all three firearms each stage. 

We will set stages the day before the match, and encourage our shooters to come out and help.  Helping setup helps no only the staff but gives you a chance to see the stages before the match.  We encourage all shooters to show up at 8:00 to help paste targets and do any final setup.  Your help ensures the match starts on time and we finish the match at a reasonable hour. 


Rules of the game

The local club is the Heartland Practical Shooters.  We roughly follow USPSA rules, with  a few touches relavent to our local club.  Since we have a variety of targets, and on most stages offer the shooter the option of which target to engage, we score all 3 guns as either minor or major.  If any one gun does not make the USPSA requirements to make major power factor, all 3 guns will score minor.  Steel counts for 5 points regardless of what firearm is used to engage it. 

Pistol requirements:  9mm-45 caliber  USPSA Powerfactor applies  Minimum power factor of 125.  Pistol targets could be engaged from 3 feet to 50 yards.

Shotgun:  Only 12 ga or 20 ga will be allowed in competition.  You will be allowed to shoot, but your scores will not be recorded if you shoot a gauge smaller than 20.  Targets from 26 feet to 70 yards.  In the future we plan to add some moving clay targets into our couse of fire.  As we move forward, we may also require the use of slugs or buckshot on some stages.  We will try to have slugs or buckshot available for purchase on matches we where these rounds are required.

Rifle:  Must make USPSA requirements for power factor.  Most shoots run AR15s, SKSs, & Semi-Auto AKs.  Fully-auto guns are not allowed.  Steel jacket and steel core ammuntion may NOT be used at this range.  FMJ/Ball ammo may be used on paper targets only.  All rifle steel must be shot with Hollow Point/Polymer tip/Soft Point ammuntion.  Targets will be placed from 3 feet to 600 yards.  Reactive steel targets will be used at distances greater than 70 yards. 

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