Long Range

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Long Range Competitive Shooting at HPSP

The 600 yard range is utilized shooting from benches at F class targets.


At least a 20 power scope is required to see the 3" diameter "X" ring at 600 yards.  The 36" diameter black target looks like a small dot to the naked eye at that range.  Competitors use a front bipod or other front support and a rear sandbag to steady their rifles.  This provides adequate support to get a steady hold on the miniscule "x" ring.  But hitting it takes a accurate rifle/ammunition combination with skill in reading and compensating for range, wind, and mirage.


Matches are generally the 2nd Saturday of the month April through October (Check the HPSP online Calendar).  Sign up at the club house at 9AM and then go down to the 600 yard range and check in your rifle.  Once everyone is checked in and had the safety briefing you will have the opportunity to take one cold bore shot.  If you hit the "x" ring you win a free admission to the next match.  Figuring the windage and elevation needed is challenging.  Many long range shooters use the JBM Ballistics program which can be found on line at www.jbmballistics.com/ or similar program in an iPhone, android or iPad. 

Next you will get 2 sighting shots which will be marked on the target downrange with markers large enough to be seen through your rifle scope or spotting scope.


Then there will be 20 rounds fired for record in 4 strings of 5 each.  Each string (except the last) is marked with colored marker dots that are large enough to be seen through your rifle scope or spotter scope so you can make windage and/or elevation adjustments after every string.  The earlier sighting dots are blacked out so as not to be confused with the scoring hits.