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Heartland Public Shooting Park encourages youth to become involved in one of our many leagues offered during the shooting seasons. We offer fee discounts and separate participant classes for youth in many of these activities. Please contact the park if you are interested in any of these activities. We can be reached at 308-385-5048 or email us at hpsp@grand-island.com.

Our Rimfire League is offered three times per season in a six week format that meets every Friday night during the league. Youth shoot .22 rimfire rifles at special steel reactive targets. This league is not about competition, but it is about getting youth and adults on the firing line enjoying a family sport that rewards concentration and discipline.

Our Clay Target Program for youth revolves around our youth trap teams that are supported by the park. We also encourage both novice and advanced youth to get involved in our Thursday night fun shoots and our regular clay target leagues. By being involved with these leagues, youth gain valuable experience within these sports venues. You will find that many adults in these leagues and fun shoots will happily lend their own experience to making our youth as successful as possible.

Remember that a young person does not need many of the skill sets that would make them successful in other school sports. They don't need to be the fastest, the tallest, or the biggest to compete in youth shooting sports. A desire to develop good listening skills, along with discipline and good concentration, will lead youth to be very successful in shooting sports. Get your young person involved today!