Reloading Classes

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Reloading Classes
HPSP's Reloading Classes are taught by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the world -- the engineers who design and build reloading presses, dies and other equipment and accessories for Hornady Manufacturing in Grand Island!

While Hornady-manufactured equipment is used in the classroom, the principles and skills taught at these classes can be used with any brand of reloading gear. It's the perfect introduction to a hobby that can be just as much fun as the shooting for many reloaders.

Our reloading classes for scheduled on a quarterly basis.  Check our calendar for scheduled classes.

Why Reload?

Most shooters reload ammunition at least partly to save money. They realize that they can reload their own cartridges for about 1/3 the cost of purchasing factory loaded ammunition in a common caliber like .30-06 or .357 Magnum, assuming that they save their fired cases. For some, such as shooters with a rifle chambered for one of the fine European cartridges like the 6.5x54, for which factory ammunition in the U.S. is both scarce and expensive, the savings can be much greater. Given the high cost of factory loaded ammunition, anyone that is not independently wealthy and wants to do much shooting will probably need to reload.

But there are other benefits from rolling your own. For many, it becomes an enjoyable hobby in itself.

Other shooters reload primarily because they want to fine tune specific loads for their guns. Centerfire match and benchrest shooters have learned that to achieve the very best possible accuracy they must produce custom ammunition tailored for their individual firearm. Many hunters reload for the same reason, or because the particular bullet or bullet weight that best fits their needs is not available in a suitable factory load.