Educational Opportunities / Shooting Instruction

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Heartland Public Shooting Park continues to add educational opportunities in shooting sports to our curriculum at the Park. What began as a dream for our staff and volunteers, has evolved into a much appreciated community service program. By building on our successes, both city staff and volunteers have developed educational classes in tune with what our community has requested. And the best part is most of our class offerings are FREE OF CHARGE. We do, however, have some outside vendors offering classes that range from Concealed Carry to Advanced Classes for Riflery that do carry a fee. So, whether you need a Nebraska Hunter’s Education course or a two day advanced riflery course (or anything in between), Heartland Public Shooting Park has what trips your trigger!
Feel free to investigate the links below for a full explanation of our classes. If you have an idea for a class or want to get involved as a volunteer instructor, please contact the park and we will get you started.