Adopt-a-Park or Adopt-a-Trail

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The Grand Island Parks and Recreation Department is looking for volunteer groups to “enhance” city park facilities by Adopting a Park or Trail. These enhancements may include litter pickup, gardening, landscaping, mulching, painting, trail maintenance and more. The citizen volunteer or group is asked to maintain the designated park, trail or open space once a month for one year.

Who qualifies to adopt a park or trail?

Local service clubs, sports teams, youth organizations, church congregations, special-interest groups, fraternal organizations, schools, businesses, families and friends are welcome and encouraged to adopt a park.

What tasks are we volunteering to do by adopting a park or trail?
Adoptive groups “enhancement” projects may include: 
    Picking up litter                                                 Sweep court surfaces
    Clean picnic tables and benches                    Clean and rake children’s play areas
    Report Vandalism                                             Plant flowers or trees
Adoptive groups are not expected to mow grass, clean restrooms or perform major repairs or maintenance.

May we choose which park or trail we want to adopt?
Yes! Groups are encouraged to select a park or trail near members’ homes, schools or meeting places. Requests for a specific park will be granted whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed. The Adopting organization commits to a one-year period of adoption. At the end of the year organization can renew, change sections or terminate. If a waiting list is developed for trail adoptions, a two year limit will apply.

Which parks or trail can be adopted?
Any Grand Island park or trail can be adopted. Some parks may even have two or more volunteer groups. A complete list of Grand Island parks and trail segments is available here.

What do we get out of it?
In addition to clean parks/trails and a sense of pride in serving the community, groups adopting a park or trail will be recognized after each year of service with a certificate of appreciation. Groups will also be recognized when they join the program through City of Grand Island website, in the annual Parks and Recreation Program Guide, and on the City’s cable television channel.
Adopting a park or trail isn’t just about work; it’s about fun! Your group’s time at your adopted park could include a picnic, outdoor games, or fishing outing. Best of all, it’s an opportunity to get to know one another better.

How do we get started?
Complete the Adopt-a-Park/Trail Application today!